Rose Valley Ridgetop Cam

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We are trying to live GREEN here, being off-the-grid now for over 23 years.  Most of our power is supplied by the Sun and wind.  We heat with wood that we cut from our own land, and our water comes from a 1926 artesian-fed well that never goes dry...

Edison's Home Site.... is a website dedicated to the Musicians of Ferry County.  There, you can both see, and hear them.  There will be more sound files added as time goes by, so check back from time-to-time.  I also have a page on that site for our band, now the official webpage, and you can watch 3 videos of a Pizza Parlor performance there, as well as hear more music from our band.....
We also play regular paid Gigs, so keep us in mind if you are having a party or  some other gathering, where our music would add to the ambiance.

 to open a pop-up AUDIO/VIDEO player that has several songs on it from our newest CD, as well as 3 videos from other performances.  I'm also showcasing Sacha Petulli's new CD at the bottom of the player.  Feel free to pass on that player's URL to anyone....
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E-mail for the band is:

You may want to take a look at my uTube channel too.  Some interesting things there.....


Click on the image above, and you will be taken to Joyce's site.  Her work is excellent, and she is a real Sweetheart to deal with.

She even made a custom card for me, based around my N7GCW TREK
adventures...check it out....

Come again!!





The camera is usually looking East from our Solar Powered home on the Western Ridge of Rose Valley.  The rolling hills are the Eastern ridge, and the majestic mountains in the distance are the Kettle River Range.  If the view is not live, then you may be seeing one of many photos I have taken from our ridgetop....or sometimes I'll lock it on the NASA Cam....


Spring is here by the calendar, and the snow is gone, but we haven't felt the East Wind hit yet.  That usually heralds the Spring.  Weather has been NICE lately though...  Getting some work done...wood mostly.  Getting it in early this year.  I'll have the camera pointed that way sometimes so all of you city folk can see what it takes to prepare for Winter.  Our only source of heat is the wood-stove.  I do have an advantage this year...My friend(Jim) let me use his gas-powered splitter, so I'm kicking-ass on 3 loads of rounds my other friend(Matt) helped me to get.  All fir so far...a great-burning wood.  We will also be getting some Tamarack(Larch), and some Pine, and even a bit of Spruce to round it out.......

If you hear music, it's from recordings of my band, Half-way There.

Please enjoy the views of our beautiful valley!