In case you're too dumb to understand, there is no law that says you cannot have a camera which records video installed. However there is a law that says "YOU CANNOT RECORD PEOPLES VOICES WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF WHOM YOU ARE RECORDING". Clearing to those who think they can invade my personal privacy in my apartment and make lies to the state police, yeah you know who you are and I don't have to mention any names because you lied in a written report you furnished to that trooper whereas I have nothing to hide or lie about! You are acting like a baby, you don't know what to do, and all you can think about is destroying someones imagine. I am not sorry that I have to put up camera's just to reassure safety, I am not sorry that I have to stop you from standing at my living room window for 45 mins (because you're a pervert), I am not sorry at all because you did it and you will not involve me! You came on my porch when I wasn't home snooping around, that's right I got you on camera, and it shows the type of person you are with you sick demented mind! 

You have no clue how to act because of your perverted mind, the truth, you make up lies because you're living in your head!  I do not care about you, I will not be pushed or made to move... I've lived in this town for a very long time,  yet you sir have not. I have lived peacefully until you moved in, just to be a little bit more curious I will continue keeping my camera's installed until you move! Simple as that because of your actions and what lies you made WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTED FOR! 

So, there are camera's every where you GO! The supermarket, the bank, the readsboro store, even at the Readsboro Central School. every street light will be monitored, every step you take, every move you make, you are under continuing Surveillance!  Don't talk to me about wether or not I am wrong to have a web cam or surveillance camera, because if you aren't doing something wrong then you have nothing to worry about! BUT IF YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING, THEN YOU'RE CAUGHT ON CAMERA AND I WILL USE THAT EVIDENCE AGAINST YOU IN THE COURT OF LAW! 



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