Willow Springs Havanese and Labradors
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Breeders of exceptional Havanese and Labradors in Raleigh, NC


Hello and welcome to our webcam!  Currently for your viewing pleasure is our latest litter of yellow lab puppies.  You'll see their mother, Lydia, join them for meals and cleanup duties.  You'll also see occaisional glimpses of their Grandpa Leo (our twelve year old yellow lab) and Levon, Trip and inquisitive Cricket.   Please visit out website, http://havsandlabs.wordpress.com for more information.

Let me tell you a little more about us.  We are Patty and David, a husband and wife from Raleigh, NC who are animal lovers in general and dog enthusiasts in particular!  We live on a small farm outside of town with our two horses, Lil and LJ, our three yellow Labs, Leo , Lydia and Levon, and our two Havanese, Trip and Cricket.  Both of us are professional photographers and enjoy the flexible schedule that gives us to travel and spend time at the ocean and mountains with our dogs.
Our animals are our family!  My husband began breeding labs 25 years ago when he fell in love with the breed’s loyalty and eagerness to please.  When we got married, I started looking for a small lap dog for myself.  While I love the labs, they aren’t exactly lap dog material (not that they’ll agree with me!).  I’ve always been a cat person, but David is allergic to them, so I wanted to get a small dog instead.  After researching different breeds for a year, I knew I’d found the right one for us when a Havanese breeder described them to me as having a Lab personality in a small dog’s body.  


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