We are actively involved with Native Americans On the Wounded Knee, Rose Bud and Plne Ridge reservations in South Dakota . As you know things are getting more costly every day . And we can use your help no matter what you can do If it's money,food, clothing , cars or trucks, gasoline  Dental work would be GREATFULLY accepted. Any thing you can give would be a Blessing. Donations allow  us to continue our work in providing awareness and solutions to neighborhood issues such as homelessness , health , education, BLESS YOU and THANK  YOU VERY MUCH==== the Packard  Project   ====  501-c3 receipts are available. ===                  www.peacemakersinternational.org

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Welcome to  the Historic  Packard Automobile Manufacturing Facility centrally located in the Great city of Detroit  Our WEB CAMERAS  offer a grand veiw of the the greatest Auto Plant in the World as well as breath taking Panorama  of Detroit and neighboring Communities . Parts of  Windsor  Canada our fine and wonderful neighbors are also  visible. We also offer Guided Tours of the Packard Plant as well as tours of Detroit and environs. Detroit offers much to see and  Enjoy  Art , Music , Museums , Captivating Architecture  You will enjoy cruising on the Detroit River in one of many Tour Boats. And last but not least Dining in one of  the fine Restaurants. Feel free to call 1-313-921-1218                                                                                                                                                                                  www.anvilbook.com/guestbook.php                                                 packardal@ymail.com


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