Hedgehog Cam UK
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Welcome to HedgeHog Cam UK

This is a  IP camera looking over our back patio using infrared light. Its been on air for the last 3 years.
Overnight a picture is saved every minute to an FTP server , along with streaming video for these pages.
Selected pictures I have uploaded are below ,click to enlarge.
I try to updated regular, please ignore the times they are wrong!
On average there are 650 pictures a night that I go through


Looking good plenty of visits now going on.
Autofeeder in place again now with modded switch in side and rain shield on food slide .I seems that damp food make the mech stick so hopping this improves things enlightened

check out this site and do your part we need Hogs
If you want to feed Hogs give them water NOT milk as they cannot digest it

Also give here a look    www.argatyredkites.co.uk 
realy great place well worth a visit

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