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Estinnes, BELGIUM
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Monday (lundi) 6PM (cet)
Hit des clubs avec Christian
Tuesday (mardi) 6PM (cet)
MC (musique contemporaine) avec Didier
Thursday (jeudi) 7PM (cet)
MC (music contemporaine)
Mardi et jeudi  2PM (CET)
Pause café avec Odette

Sunday (dimanche) 11AM-01PM (cet)
Dedicaces avec Odette et Christian
Disc on demand with Christian and Odette

Disc on demand : dedicate a song of the 6o's to 90's direct on the website of the station ( section "dedicaces". Complete all range.

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skype : Radio Neuf

U can also leave a message directly on the website of the station

we thank you all for your fidelity


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