1267-37846-TN  (Live!!!)
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Philadelphia, TN, UNITED STATES
Welcome to MyCam Page!!!

It's just a view off the front of my place, but I do broadcast High Quality audio.  So if your lucky, you'll be able to hear "Spooner" and the sound of the birds around my place!!!  Or maybe a bit of anime and XBOX 360 in the background if my front door is open or I turn up the mic....  Though if your looking to enjoy the ambience of my place, you'll want to log-on between 5:30am and 4:30pm....  ^_^


(I've just switched to "Exede" highspeed internet and I'm going to have to test out  the system for a few days.  So it might be a week or two before I get my cam up and running again, though after a day of testing the system I'm happy to say that I'm incredibly impressed!!!  I've been watching "" and "SpeedAnalysis.com" with every test I can run without a dual ethernet setup and "SoftPerfect's" Bandwidth Moniter.  Plus we've got amazing speed up and down stream with no noticable latency and a 1st Party VOIP system that we can use all day as smoothly as "Skype" without cutting into our data plan!!!)  

(So if your reading this and your in a rural area, I've got to say that the customer service through Exede.com's live chat and their phone support and cotracted installers has been more than impressive.  If your looking for a great satellite system, I can honestly say we've used everything else at least once.  So in a week or two I'll have a copy of "SoftPerfect: BandWidth Manager" running on a dual ethernet card setup between the modem and the wireless router.  Hopefully I'll have more to report then!!!)  ^_^


I decided I wanted to share the view and the sounds of the day and the birds in front of my place!!!  cool

My Personal Profile!!!

Raptr Gamercard

Anyway's, here's a video from my web cam just capturing a bit of the morning in front of my place!!!  ^_^

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